When I need you, I need you.

V: Is that poison ivy?
D: No.
V: Is it banana? [Pointing to plantain leaves.]


“Daddy, take a shower. Your armpits are stinky.” – Talia, when I leaned over her to help her at breakfast.


“Mom, when I need you, I need you. And that’s a rhyme.” – Annie, at 4 am on the couch snuggling


“Hey, where did my shade go?” – Talia, walking into the sunshine, out of the shade.

Less is more


Annie and I surrounded Rachel yesterday, taking pictures while she knit. Annie, with our older, smaller digital camera. I, with our newer, larger one. Rachel smiled and laughed, feeling like she was at a photo shoot. But it allowed us to snap some good photos!


I tried snapping a ‘selfie’ with Emeth, but at first the camera was too close, capturing only eyes, noses and mouths. He thought that was funny, so he laughed. I took more pictures.


The only shoes Emeth likes to wear are his cozy winter boots. But now that it’s Summer, less is more. Thankfully, we found a pair of sandals he likes. Here, Rachel is teaching him how to tie the laces.


It’s wonderful having a brook within walking distance. (Well, we still drive to get there, since it’s easier for Annie and Talia. But it only takes 30 seconds.) We take cold plunges, play in the mud, splash and throw rocks.


Here, Emeth looks up at a nearby tree, at a bat that just flew overhead and landed.


When it gets too cold in the water, we walk back to the van, play on the road and warm in the sun. Annie and Emeth tried building fires with sticks and friction, but it didn’t work. Mostly we just run on the street, carve sticks, and lay in the sunshine.


Talia was mostly miserable yesterday, but once she took off her wet bathing suit and snuggled with her mimi and a book, she was happier.


I’m enjoying taking pictures and videos with our new camera. Above is a shot Rachel took of the nasturtiums we planted on our deck. Below are shots I took while walking through the brook, trying to capture the ripples of the water, and the color variation in the rocks.




Yucky lemonish

“How does the potty work to flush because it looked hot!” – Emeth, after flushing the toilet while the power was out. I had told him that we could still flush the toilet without electricity, but that we needed electricity to get hot water. So naturally, if the toilet water looked hot, one would wonder how it could flush.


“Have you ever licked your scab before? It tastes kind of yucky lemonish.” – Emeth