M: Dad, all these words rhyme: fox, stops, box, nots, socks, shops, locks, chops.
A: Don’t forget about mox!


E: Dad, I don’t want my chicken. It’s too dry.
D: Do you want some butter with it?
E: No. Then it would be too wet. I don’t like it dry or wet. Just warm.


“How’s it gonna be moon-y tomorrow?” – E


“The best way to not share a secret with someone is to forget what someone tells you when they share a secret with you.” – M

Rich-it Scarry & Talia’s first day of school


V, reading Richard “Rich-it” Scarry’s “What Do People Do All Day,” on a rainy morning. • “This is Claire Bear. This is me!” she says, as she points to each character, choosing the cute bunny 🐰 pictures to represent herself.


Today was Talia’s first day of school. Her only hesitation was having to wear underwear, since she usually likes to run around with just pants and no shirt. But when I told her she could de-undie when she got home, her reluctancy faded.