Endless Variation

A couple weeks ago Kevin brought large boxes by for the kids. Boxes that had housed very large office chairs. My heart sank at first, imagining all the chaos that might ensue. The messes to clean up. The arguing and fighting. But thankfully he brought four boxes. One for each. At first I told the kids to keep them outside, but Micaela insisted that we bring them inside, because all the stuff she’d want to play with is inside. So I said yes, but on condition they play with them downstairs. So we brought them inside. Then the requests for modifications began. Daddy, cut this! Daddy, cut that! Daddy, get the tape! Daddy, make me a door! Make me a window! Tape this here! Tape that there! Endless variation. Endless modification.

After an hour, Micaela shouted, Now I think I’m finally ready to play!